Immersive Games Lab are developing the next generation of immersive group entertainment at our home in London.

If you would like to come and experience the magic first hand (for FREE), sign up below to be one of our first game-testers!


  • Groups of testers will get to play our new games, before they are released to the public. The games are easy to learn, immersive and awesome fun
  • After testing, we will ask your opinions on what worked well and less well
  • Light refreshments will be provided, and did we mention it’s FREE?!


  • We are currently planning our next round of testing, to come in early 2019
  • You will need approx an hour for the testing, and can sign up for one or more slots
  • We will email you with options to book in the two weeks before the dates


  • You will need to travel to our offices
  • You will spend about 60 minutes playing the games and talking about your experiences

SIGN UP NOW! Using the form below